Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Postpartum Update - 4 months

Picture drawn by my artist sisyy, Asmiya Basheer
During the first week of his 3rd month, I was normally feeding him when he pushed away and looked at me. He usually just dozes off to sleep feeding so this was unusual! As I looked on he cooed and his lips parted into his First Teethless Gummy Smile. OMG you guys!!! That was such a beautiful moment! I can't just properly describe how I felt but I just wanted to cry and laugh and smother him with kisses and hugs all at once! All the pains, hardships and struggles vanished in a second! As I fought back my emotions to squeeze the daylights out of him, he closed his eyes and went back to feeding!

Sunday, 3 August 2014

Blog Anniversary Giveaway Update! - Closed

Hey All!

I am very happy to see many have participated in the giveaway I am holding in collaboration with Irene from Drab2fabz.

One of the rules of the giveaway was to bring in 2 of your friends to subscribe to our blogs, but I have noticed that though you have invited them, they haven't confirmed their subscription from the email addresses. This will disqualify you from the giveaway. I do not want you to miss your chance of winning, so please ensure that your friends have properly subscribed to both our blogs.

You have time until 20th August 2014.

So Good Luck Buddies!
May the Best Person Win!