Friday, 25 July 2014

Palmer's Anti-Dandruff Hair Food Formula - Review

Hey All!!
Hope you are all having a wonderful time. Today I am going to review this hair product I have been using for some time. This was mentioned as my June Favorites in 2013.

Tuesday, 22 July 2014

The Violence And Massacres In Gaza!

You would have already seen pictures of violence and massacre inflicted on Gaza! Being a mother now, my heart breaks to see mutilated bodies of children and their parents crying over them! i see my son's face in those children and I see myself in those mothers!

Saturday, 19 July 2014

Half Year Favorites - 2014!

It’s been a really long time I have done my monthly favorites – around 4 months to be exact. We have finished half of 2014 already (how did that even happen??), so I thought of doing a half year favorites and recap this time. Being a new working mother, I am still learning to settle into this new life. Days move so fast now that I can’t believe my son is already completing his 3rd month of life! Alhamdulilah!!

Half year Recap - 2014

Hey Buddies!!
How is life treating you? Mine has been treating me with loads of ups and downs! It’s true what they say you know, after giving birth to a baby a new life starts – not just physically but mentally as well. I am still amidst of settling into this new life so I apologize for not being very active over here. I hope you all understand.

Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Baseless Traditions of my Country - Postpartum Edition!

In my honourable Indian culture, A lady who has delivered is not allowed to step out for 90 days! Up to 40 days you are not even supposed to look at the sky! Yes! Ask why and there is no reason to it, it's just bad. Now because most ladies give birth in hospitals, there is no choice when it comes to going there but other than that you go no where! And during this period your husband can go touring with friends and enjoy his freedom. Its solely the duty of the mother and other ladies in the house to take care of the baby!