Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Birth Story of Little Zain - Part 2

The day after my operation, when I woke up I could feel the pain of the stitches kicking in. Though I was in pain, I was looking forward to cuddle my baby, play with him, click pictures with him and what not. Doctor came to check me and told me I was healing well and could start feeding the baby. She told as I had operation, it will take a little time for the milk to come in. The baby's doctor came in and checked my baby and said he was all well and all he needed now was momma's milk.
From now, my frustrating and depressing period starts!!

Birth Story of Little Zain - Part 1

The birth of my little boy was a learning experience. It was a bit depressing and testing time for me. I was doubtful if I should do this post or not as all birth stories I read till now were all happy joyful ones! But I thought I'd share my story so that you can learn from my experience as well!